Guild Charter/Loot Rules

Dordrion a posted Aug 1, 13

Red Tear Guild Charter


Red Tear is a casual raiding guild based on having fun. We like to have fun, and we hope you do, too. If it turns out that having you around is anti-fun, your membership will probably not last long. Please show some respect to your fellow guildmates and their time and everything will go swimmingly. You may even retire with us. We have a wonderful pension plan. We currently have a large number of members raiding in Pandaria, and are only looking for members interested in the same. We have no official restrictions on player age, just that you act like a mature player and can be serious when the situation calls for it. But most of the time, just be yourself.

Guild Etiquette

The rules in this section are the base of our social structure, and what we expect of everyone.

Cursing is Fun: We all do it occasionally and this is your forewarning. This also applies to Ventrillo but we may be more forgiving if you have a kid/parent/priest/rabbi within earshot of your speakers. If that is the case, be sure to announce it if you don not want him or her exposed to it. In those cases we will attempt to control it, but no guarantees.

Know Your Class: You don't do anyone much good if you don't know your own spells or abilities. It's painful when we have to inform one of our guildies that they can dispel curses; moreso when we have to do it again and again. We'll be fairly lenient at first but if you show no desire to improve your gameplay, what purpose do you have being in a guild full of people who do?

Common Courtesy: Know it, love it, extend it. If you're not being a jerkstore, you're being a saint. We love saints because nobody wants to play with a dick. Err... Yes. Yes, that's what I mean. Avoid bickering and fighting in guild chat. We absolutely will not tolerate this kind of public in-fighting. We don't care who started it, or who is right or wrong. It does not belong in guild chat. If you have an issue and need an arbitrator, ask an officer or senator. Nothing makes other new members feel less welcome than seeing us fighting amongst ourselves. For the sake of the guild, keep it private or the offenders will find themselves on the curb looking for a new guild.

Sexual Harassment/Intolerance: Wording on the cursing rule not withstanding, please do not make our members feel uncomfortable unless you are absolutely, positively, one hundred percent certain that no one will care. It all goes back to not chasing good people away.

Please don't verbally abuse our female members. Before you say retarded stuff, you should ask yourself, "Is this something I'd use as a pick up line in a bar?” If you'd seriously say "LOL, YOU SAID HEAD,” please leave the guild.

Please leave ethnic comments and gay comments alone. It's awfully hard to determine the race of the night elf on your left from a voice over vent. Remember, if we start losing good members because someone is making everyone uncomfortable, that someone will be kicked. If you feel that someone has crossed a line, please report it to an officer or senator and we will let the person know that there is a problem, even if the jerkstore is an officer. It will be kept confidential and there will be no reprisals.

Tolerance: On the flip side, don't go ballistic just because someone made a single joke about pirates. We're not going to boot anyone for a single off-color joke or insensitive comment. Don't worry, chronic idiots will be delt with in time. We're (mostly) all adults here, try to make some effort to put up with someone else's jackass moment. We all have them from time to time.

Canadians: Don't touch their penguins without asking.

English as a First Language: Common chat acronyms like "lol” and "wtf” are widely used in Red Tear. However, using "leet speak” and chronically substituting "u” for "you” or "r” for "are” makes you look like an idiot to most of your guildmates. Though it's not a requirement, many of us have at least an elementary education. It's nothing really big, but it may mar your image with us if you do it too often. Worse, people will simply tend to ignore you rather than suffer decoding your posts.

Ask Questions: If you don't know something, ask. If you're not clear on raiding strategy, ask. We're not going to think any less of you. If you ask and learn enough things, you'll be the one answering eventually. With a guild full of people like this, we could take over the world. Well, Canada at the very least.

Avoiding The Boot: If you're brand new to the guild, please understand that the first words you say are the only words we've ever heard you say. (See English as a First Language, above) Therefore, if you are annoying in those first words, then technically you're 100% annoying. Almost everyone we've booted has done something annoying within the first day of their membership. If you're not annoying, don't worry about it. If you've got a reputation for being annoying, please pay very close attention to the following topics.

Do Not Beg: Do not even try the roundabout method of "lol this mount is really expensive man I wish I had more gold” as soon as you join the guild. That is the biggest red flag ever. It marks you immediately and that mark is not something we forget easily. Don't beg from your guildmates, and don't beg around town. We don't want that reputation. Don't even hint at it. We can smell it like a bloodhound and even if we're wrong, we are still going to think you're begging. You will almost certainly be kicked for begging.

Do Not Spam: Oh, leaping Jesus, don't spam. Aside from begging, nothing will get you kicked out faster. If you have cutsey little macros that paint text pictures of penguins licking peanut butter, we don't care at all. Don't even put that stuff on your action bars. If we see it, we are going to assume you did it intentionally even if you say "oops!”. Here's a quick test: If you're talking at a regular speed but your entire chat area is conversation from your end, you are spamming.

Do Not Whine: If you want to be a well-liked guild member, don't whine about everything that doesn't go your way. Can't find an instance group? We don't want to hear about it for half an hour. We are happy sunshine loving rainbow folk. We need not your dreary outlook on everything. The happy sunshine hugging rainbow part was a lie but we will still kick you for incessantly complaining. Many of us work or have school that give us enough stress. We play Warcraft to escape, not get more.

Do Not Be a Know It All: If you are brand new to the guild, we're not going to be very appreciative of your advise on raid encounters unless we specifically ask for it. If your raid leader seemed miffed on ventrillo after you chimed in with your 100% knowledge of everything, it's because he or she doesn't care and just wants you to follow the strategy he or she is trying to outline. If you actually interrupt the strategy to do it, expect to be castrated with extreme prejudice.

Do Not Be a Drama Queen: Joe_Member_01 isn't talking behind your back. Even if he or she is, the guild does not give a hoot. Do not fight in the guild's communication channels (in-game chat, ventrillo) or in yells. Take those issues to whispers. We don't want to hear about your differences.

Do Not Be a Pusher: We all have goods and services that we want to sell for profit. It's the nature of the game economy that forces us to make a living, honest or otherwise. Keep in mind that your guild is not your private marketplace for any snake oil you have to sell. Use the auction houses to sell your crap, not the guild chat. Within a friendly guild like ours, money should change hands rarely, if ever. That said, we highly encourage generosity. We have enchanters and craftsmen of all skills and professions who are more than willing to make and enchant stuff for you, and it's common courtesy to offer materials or the cost of expenses.

Do Not Be a Primadonna: You may be beautiful, you may have Uber Sword of Pwnage and the Holy Hammer of Healurass, you may be exalted with as yet unknown factions and have a full epic set adorned with every legendary item on the server. Keep it to yourself, There is hardly anything more annoying than someone endlessly prattling about their "leet”-ness in guild chat.

Respect your Guildmates: Do not demand their help, ask it. My general response when someone says "you're coming to ICC” is generally, "Bite me, jerkstore” and then sometimes I even slip and hit the /gkick command. I actually have it on my hotbar. And don't just take it if someone is doing this to you, stand up for yourself. If you are the one doing this, know that the freedom of choice is quite an important one to the officers.

Respect Other Players: As a member of Red Tear, you are expected to portray us in a positive light. In short, this means you should not do things unbecoming of a human being. If you're a much needed class, try not to ditch groups in the middle of an instance. Don't be whiney in battlegrounds. Don't ninja loot on purpose. If it happens accidentally, apologize profusely and fix the situation. Do not kill steal quest mobs.

If you are in our guild, chances are you're not a douchebag so this section is probably pointless. If an officer recieves a tell from someone that you've been a bag of douche, we'll probably be upset. At the very least you will be asked to explain the situation to us.

Also, for Elune's sake, if you see a noob in trouble, stop and help if you're not in too big of a hurry. They may end up in our guild some day. Also, Karma's a bitch, and she knows your name.

Dividing the Loot from Guild Raids

We do not use a point system in Red Tear.  Our objective is "dig through the body as fast as possible and move on to the next encounter."

We follow a simple model that mirrors Blizzard's philosophy of who loot is designed to be used by.

As of January 2018, we are using Blizzard's Personal Loot system. If, in a rare case, the raid prefers to use Master Loot, the following rules apply.

When a boss is looted, each item is placed into Raid Chat by the Loot Master using Blizzard's Need/Greed/Pass system.

1)  If the item is for your Main Raiding Toon and Main Raiding Spec and is an item you would use to raid, please press Need.  The dice are rolled. The Loot Master passes out the loot.

2)  If you are on an Alt or would be interested in the item for your Main's Alt Spec, press Greed.  If there were no "Needers" then the Loot Master moves to the Greeders.

When we are in the Greed rolls, there is a bit of a formal pecking order.

Main Toons Alt Spec go to the top.

Alt toons then follow.

Main raiders that one day wake up and decide that they want to switch Main Raiding Toons or switch their Mains Raiding Spec are more than welcome to do that.  We want all of our members to enjoy the game and if that means switching things up, by all means, have at it.  There is one rule to keep in mind with regards to loot.

1)  Switching Mains or Main Spec wil institute a 6 raid loot lockout where you will not be eligible for loot during that time.  This is to hopefully prevent Main/Spec swapping from week to week.  That being said, the loot lockout can be shortened at the discretion of the officers

in extraordinary circumstances (examples: a player willfully changes toon/spec to address a missing raid piece (a dps toon going full time healer if we seem to always be light on healers), or a main spec toon that hasn't raided in a considerable amount if time (couple of months)).


So that's generally how it goes.

Easy, fast, no drama.