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I have no idea.

Anyway, I wanted to post a very quick what's up (since Finn is dying to use my computer for Fortnight...)

A bunch of us are on Stormrage.  We've been raiding a couple of nights a week with Embers Rising.  They seem like a nice group.  VERY similar in age and skill as our old squad on Moonrunner.  We cleared Heroic a few times and killed a few things in Mythic Antorus.  So that was fun.

Now their leadership team has abruptly taken a sabatical.  No real notice.  No real word on when they will be back.  

So the remaining members have asked me to dust off my old raid leader hat.  

So that's where we are.  If you are a RT raider that is on a break for a bit and are thinking about tinkering with the next expansion and would like to raid, it looks like I'll be running the show over there.  I'll be putting raids on our normal 9pm-11pm est schedule a couple nights a week.  If anyone is thinking about jumping back in, you'd have a home whereever we are.


Mythlond a I'll be around here and there, and I'd be up for 2 hour raiding again, but I probably wont be committing to mu...
shy ao <3
Buranedi a I'm just glad that you had some kind of break from it. Reading this makes me smile, 'cause Red Tear is my perm...

Embers Rising

Wildfyre a posted Jan 27, 18

Friday night, I had a long talk with the leadership team of the Stormrage guild, Embers Rising.

They are a clone of us in every way you can think of.  Same progression level.  Same raid nights.  Same recruitement needs.  All adults.  Recently transfered to Stormrage from a dying server.  

We are going to try to partner with them to make some progress in Antorus. 

The partnership starts this Sunday night.  One wrinkle...they raid on Sunday night from 8pm - 11pm EST (that's an hour earlier than we usually get going).

So if as many raiding toons from Stormrage and from Moonrunner could be available this Sunday to try this out, it would be great!

Any questions, I am at your disposal.


Mythlond a Cant make it tonight (and next Sunday is the Superbowl), but I should be able to make more Sundays going forward. Go Te...
Wildfyre a Yes, tonight is 8pm EST to 11pm EST. Please spread the word. I'd like a good showing of our amazingness. And I ...
Kaleb a Wild when you say be available this Sunday you mean at 8est not 9? I can change the guild message of the day if so.


Wildfyre a posted Jan 21, 18

The deed is done.

The main raiding portion of the guild is now on the Stormrage Server.

Our old guild on Moonrunner will remain active for any toons that don't want / need to transfer to Stormrage.

If anyone has an emergency or gets locked out of anything, they can message me here, or on the Discord app.


Jesminia a I was very surprised by how fast and smooth the transfers were handled last night. Good job, Blizzard! For those who ha...

Obviously its kinda quiet around RT and around Moonrunner as a whole. 

I'd like to talk strategy to keep the fun running.

Some people have suggested that moving the guild to a more populated server would help.

I also want to talk about raid rolls.  Looks like both tanks are on leave.  And Team Heals could use a hand.

I'd like us to be around for ages to come, but I need some input.

So lets talk.  Tuesday before raid.  Around 8:30 pm EST?


Everyone get some rest, or work those Alts. 

I'm away for about two weeks.  We are going to put the Tomb on hiatus for a bit.

The Burning Throne raid opens on the 28th.  I think it would be fun to have one last raid of the Tomb on Sunday the 26th.  This would let people have a warmup match to Throne.  And with all the AP people have gobbled up we can see how the Crucible stuff is impacting performace.

Dat's da plan.

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