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Congrats team!  Woo!

Wildfyre a Thank the Maker we got this before my computer died. Woot! Nice work everyone!

And your face is dumb!

Just two left!  Botanist still seems harder than Gul'dan!

Buranedi a Music to my ears! ... to which I will be late tomorrow and won't be able to make it on Wednesday =\
Jesminia Grats on the kill! I should be back home tonight and join you on Tuesday.

Better late than never!

Buranedi a posted Apr 14, 17

It was about time we got these screenshots up!  What an awesome night that was!  We're SO CLOSE to finishing Heroic Nighthold!  Let's kick this pig, yeah?!

Freakin' Tich

Freakin' Spellblade

Wildfyre a Great pics, Bura!!!

Triple Threat? No Problem!

shy a posted Oct 25, 16

A simply smashing time was had by the guildies that logged on Sunday night, killing 3 smelly bossys in one evening. Nice job, everyone!

Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption:

Elerethe Renferal:

and The Dragons of Nightmare:

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